Cloth Menstrual Pads

Cloth Menstrual Pads

My name is Kay, and I'm a padmaker for Moody V. I've been making cloth menstrual pads for as long as I've been wearing them, which is about four years now! Actually, the first thing I ever sewed on a machine was a cloth menstrual pad, and that was the first cloth pad I'd ever tried! Since then, I have been a lean, mean, padmaking machine. (I'm actually a soft, nice, padmaking machine).

So that's my lil credibility spiel. Haha! Now let's talk about why I stan cloth menstrual pads so hardcore, and why I continue to make them.

  • Disposable pads and tampons are made with abrasive, irritating materials that I just can't fricken stand. I know I'm not the only one whose pubes get yanked out by that dang adhesive on those cursed wings.
  • The synthetic materials that are involved in the production of disposables are not biodegradable, so all those used plastic applicators, all those plastic pad bases are just hanging out somewhere on the earth. Switching to cloth menstrual pads is a great way to reduce the amount of waste you produce and to avoid supporting corporations that don't give a heck about their environmental impact.
  • Disposable menstrual products are expensive. Yes, cloth pads can be an expensive investment for some folks. But!! Once you buy your personalized set, you really don't need to buy anymore for at least a few years if that's what you want to do. I have had some of my pads for four years, and they are still going strong.
  • Cloth pads are so much cuter than disposables. You can get rainbow pads, masculine pads, you name it! Disposable pads make my eyes go like this: /:

Now, I know there's more reasons to love disposable pads, but I'm gonna stop here cause those are my main reasons! If you think of more, please leave a product review here. You can read reviews that other people have left there too!

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