Fantasy Adventure Comic Book

Fantasy Adventure Comic Book For those looking for a beautiful fantasy adventure comic book series, this is the site to check out. The vibrant, fictional planet with its colorful characters and wonderful stories makes Dream Angel thoroughly enjoyable and engrossing to read. Delightful to read and engrossing as well. Fans have said, "If you like Batman, Thor or Street Fighter, this is the book for you!" For the vibrance of the planet, there are over 50 characters, several fan characters and some that visit from fellow creators' series to make the story more interesting.
The vibrance and beauty come from the "overly creative" creator, as she was commonly described in school. Teachers and college instructors agreed more often than not that the imagination is always on overtime and, properly directed, capable of wonderful achievement. Dream Angel is the result of that proper direction. Techwarrior takes it one step further by drawing the creator out of her writing comfort zone of fantasy and into the world of sci-fi.
Dream Angel is a wonderful fantasy adventure comic book series that fans love. Within the realm of fantasy adventure comic books, the story has a degree of freedom that's difficult to match. In spite of this, the characters are still relatable and believable. They draw the reader into a beauty-filled world with all-ages friendly action and wit. Most well noted among fans is the wit. The humor gives the stories a playful touch, breaking up tension or topping off an already funny situation perfectly like a cherry on top. With the help of "chibi" or "super deformed" characters that show extreme emotion, the wit is more heavily emphasized to get the best emotional response from readers possible. Placed at just the right point in the story, they cause the reader to have that little bit more fun reading the story.

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