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Rain Forest Childrens Books

Rain Forest Childrens Books As adults, we have the responsibility to teach the younger generation about environmental issues such as rain forest degradation. One of the most effective ways to make them interested in this topic is to read rain forest children’s books with them. But The Rain Forest, a hardcover featuring images of handmade fibreglass statues of wildlife affected by deforestation, with information about their habitat and how they are being destroyed. Purchase the book online.   

Tropical rainforests may take up less than two percent of the Earth, but they are home to more than 50 percent of animals in this planet. Kids can learn a lot about the current rain forest situation in childrens books that combine creative storytelling techniques with high-quality imagery. Such books can help them identify different species of animals understand their rainforest habitat and lifestyle—and more importantly, why they need to be saved. Some of the best books provide interesting facts about rainforests that may interest children. For example:
Madagascar may be smaller than Texas, but is estimated to have over 500 species of frogs, compared to the 81 species found in the United States alone.
A hectare of rainforest has over 400 species of trees, which serve as homes to different species of insects, birds, reptiles, and mammals.
Manu National Park in Peru has 1,300 species of butterflies, which is a lot compared to the 570 species of butterflies found in Europe.
Many species of animals in rainforests have not yet been discovered by scientists. Experts continue to find new species of frogs, birds, reptiles, and mammals in rainforests around the world.
Teach kids more about the rain forest through a good childrens book. Check out The Rain Forest by Paolo, and order it on this website. Part of the proceeds from sales of The Rain Forest book will be donated to different global environmental conservation groups, so you know that you are buying and sharing an educational book while helping the Earth, too. Learn more about The Rain Forest here at Rainforest-Now.Com.
Rain Forest Childrens Books

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