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Christian History Novel

Early Christianity

My journey into writing "The Christian and the Lion: Nero’s Circus Maximus" began with a deep dive into early Christianity. The fledgling faith, emerging in a landscape dominated by polytheism, was a beacon of hope and a source of conflict. The narrative of Paethias and Antiachus, set against the backdrop of these early Christian communities, aimed to capture the essence of faith amidst adversity.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome, with its grandeur and tyranny, provided the perfect setting. The cobblestone streets, the majestic architecture, and the ruthless political intrigue were more than just a backdrop; they were characters in their own right. The persecution of Christians under Emperor Nero, characterized by unimaginable brutality, was a pivotal point in our story, illustrating the extremity of faith and fortitude required to stand firm.

Spread of Christianity

The spread of Christianity, a testament to the resilience and dedication of its adherents, was a theme we deeply explored. Despite persecution, the message of love and salvation found its way across continents, morphing into a movement that would shape the world. This miraculous spread highlighted in the novel reflects the indomitable spirit of those early missionaries.

Middle Ages

The Crusades

Transitioning into the Middle Ages, the Crusades were a tumultuous period that tested the faith of many. This era of holy wars was complex, driven by a mixture of fervor, desperation, and ambition. The novel touches upon this through narratives that reflect the multifaceted nature of these expeditions, hinting at the enduring human struggle for righteousness.

The Reformation

The Reformation was another cornerstone of our narrative. The schism within Christianity, leading to the rise of Protestantism, was akin to a revolution that reshaped religious, cultural, and political landscapes. This era of questioning and renewal was crucial in portraying the evolution of Christian thought and practice.


The Counter-Reformation, or the Catholic Revival, was portrayed as a period of introspection and rebirth within the Catholic Church. It was essential to represent this era as a time of genuine spiritual rejuvenation, amid the turbulent waves of change sweeping across Europe.

Colonial America

In the narrative arc that winds through Colonial America, the novel reflects on the establishment of a new world where faith was a primary motivator. The settlers carried with them a desire not just for new land, but for a new way to express and live their faith, setting the stage for the diverse religious landscape of the New World.

Great Awakenings

The Great Awakenings, revivals of profound religious fervor, were transformative periods that reshaped American Christianity. These awakenings, with their emphasis on direct spiritual experiences, democratized Christian faith and made it a deeply personal matter for believers, a theme that resonates through our narrative.

Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement, while a political and social upheaval, had deep religious undertones. Leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., infused with Christian ideals, propelled the movement. The novel, through its characters and settings, pays homage to this intertwining of faith and the fight for justice.

Contemporary Christian History Novels

The genre of contemporary Christian history novels, including works like "The Christian and the Lion: Nero’s Circus Maximus," bridges the past with the present. These stories are not just about history; they are about faith, resilience, and the human spirit. They are a testament to the enduring relevance of Christian narratives in shaping our world and guiding us through the challenges of the present day.

In closing, my journey of storytelling, from the ancient streets of Rome to the modern corridors of faith, has been a testament to the enduring power of Christianity to inspire and transform. Through "The Christian and The Lion - Nero's Circus Maximus," we invite readers to explore the depths of faith, the pain of persecution, and the joy of redemption. It's a journey that, while anchored in the past, speaks profoundly to our present.

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