Posted by Wesley James on Feb 02, 2015
Preently i'm working on the second book, "The Christian and the Lion: Victorian Rising". I know I left the reader hanging at the end of "Nero's Circus Maximus", but between work, school, being a new dad, trying to be a good husband, and preparing for a mission to Guatemala, i've been kinda busy. Don't worry, I'm working on "Victorian Rising" and it will blow the reader away. Anyways, I haven't posted any apologetics for a while and I felt God weighing on my conscience so here is a post from the facebook page I made this morning.
     It is difficult for us in this day and age to think that a woman's witness can lack credibility as it did in the first century A.D. In Mark 16 we find that both Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of James were the first to discover the tomb, empty of all but an angel. This fact gives clarity and credibility to the scripture because women's witness was not reliable in that culture in that time. A ...skeptic would easily say it was unreliable because of the fact that women reported it. In 1rst Corinthians 15 which was written in 53-54 A.D, nearly two decades after Christ was crucified, Paul reports that Christ was seen by Cephas, the disciples, and then five hundred more and then by Paul himself. Think about Paul being a persecutor of the church, seeing these Christians being arrested, imprisoned, and executed. Now consider this man ultimately converting to Christianity, knowing the destined end of that faith. It was only because he was confronted by Christ after Christ was resurrected. Take into consideration that these books were written 2 decades after Christ was crucified. Two decades ago, the movie Brave Heart came out. I still remember a friend of mine saying how many horses died in it. I can still remember the conversation, time of day, location, it was warm enough for me to wear short. Hardly something that would develop into legend after centuries and I was only 13 at the time. The disciples were men and certainly would remember the greatest event in history, upon which our standards of time, and calendars are based. That fact that two women found the tomb vacant of Christ's body gives it greater authenticity. There are no records of any Romans and Sadducees, Pharisees, or anyone find Christ's body in the tomb. This was not something which was written hundreds of years after the event. This is history. Truth is unbiased and unwavering.
I will be posting more of course, but I ask that the reader pray for our kin of faith in the Middle East and Africa. Just a month ago, Boko Haram murdered over 2000 Christians, burning their homes and churches. Please pray for them and for their persecutors.
May God Bless