I watched an episode of Is Genesis History with geologist Andrew Snelling PHD Sydney, Australia take Del Tacket, to Arizona. These are just some notes I took. Very fascinating. There they discussed the monumental error in dating the decay of atoms based on the present decay rate. Snelling explained how Uranium yields lead and how potassium yields argon, which are measured to determine the age of elements.

Recent lava flows in Hawaii, New Zealand, and Mt Saint Helens were all tested to be millions of years old using present day, conventional dating methods. These samples were taken shortly after the lava had cooled and solidified.

Snelling picked up some crusted lava and basalt and showed how it had bubbles and fractures which then lead to leaching and showed the acceleration of aging, which is similar with mudflows carving out meters a second of land, just as it did at Mt. Saint Helens mud slide to cut sheer rock out of the mountain to produce the “Miniature Grand Canyon” in minutes. The miniature Grand Canyon is very similar to the actual Grand Canyon in Arizona. The acceleration of the debris flow took minutes which would have been understood as taking tens of thousands to millions of years to form, had not there been witnesses to the great mudslide at Mt. Saint Helens.

Charles Lyell, in England in 1830 published his book The Principles of Geology which stated that the present geography of the Earth had taken millions of years to accomplish the present geographical make up. He was instrumental in Darwin’s pursuit of the theory of evolution.

Snelling then explained how accelerated radioactive decay is evident from catastrophic events. He explained how crystals from granite produce radioactive halos, which are a product of polonium nucleating very quickly and how they produce 1 lead and 8 helium halos from some granite in New Mexico. Granite dated by helium leakage was about 6 thousand years old and while according to tradition methods of decay rate, it was 1.5 billion years.

Radio carbon is found in organic materials, not rocks. It is developed when cosmic radiation turns nitrogen into carbon-14 atoms, which circulates in the air we breathe an is absorbed in plants in photosynthesis. After 90 thousand years, there should be no radiocarbon left in dinosaur bones, but there is. As long as we live, we have radioactive carbon but when we die, we no longer can absorb it. Coal beds, dinosaurs, and petrified wood from England and Australia, all have radio carbon. Coal beds yielded the same radiocarbon age from all over the world.

Diamonds brought up from volcanic eruptions- pre eruption had no exposure to radio carbon and the hard substance of diamond can’t be contaminated with carbon 14. All diamonds tested from Africa, yielded the same age around 6 thousand years old.

Coal beds all over the U.S. and Europe that were tested, all yielded the same age. These coal beds were formed by massive amounts of trees which were uprooted and landed in the same areas.

After WW2, governments geologists released maps of ocean floor from submarine warfare, now plate tectonics is the reigning understanding, revealing about 70 thousand miles of underwater volcanoes. In Genesis the Flood is described as the fountains of the great deep being released. Snelling explained how the molten release would could steam jets, putting ocean water into the atmosphere and massive earth quakes that would surge water to the continents, surges of sedimentation would cause sea levels to rise, and is also evidenced by the buckled layers of sedimentary rocks that are found in Appalachian Mountains and other ranges all over the earth. Meters per second of movement of plate tectonics caused the formation of mountains, does not fit the slow and gradual tectonics paradigm that is taught is in school.

Vast areas of erosion from water moving off of the continents formed canyons and rivers, which is why there are oceanic fossils found in mountainous regions and all over the United States.

He asked why are there rapids in the Colorado River? Colorado isn’t eroding out the Grand Canyon, the rapids are formed by the flash floods that dump the material from the sides of the Canyon and bring them down, dumping the materials into the river deep below. The Colorado River is a fraction of the size necessary to have the strength to cut out the canyon.

However, when huge amounts of water retreated, easily pulling mud and large rocks, this caused the carving out of the present land surface all over the United States.

Gas bubbles from Basalt, which comes from Volcanoes, was filled with argon that wasn’t from radioactive decay. These hardened spherical shapes of gas bubbles obviously didn’t form over even a month but let out large amounts of argon when they were still hot, thus amounts of argon that would take millions of years to be lost, were lost in a matter of minutes. Recent lava flows have been tested with radioactive dating to be hundreds of millions of years old.

Catastrophic plate tectonics, caused catastrophic eruptions, catastrophic sedimentation, and ultimately increased decay rates, which age the rocks with normal laws of physics and yet at a very rapid decay.

The biggest error in dating is believing that the radioactive decay rate has always been the same. 2 Peter 3 states that they will be willingly ignorant. It isn’t that the evidence is not there, it’s just that they choose to ignore it. Once the Great Flood waters were receding, all the floating trees from all over the earth, floated in guidance by the geography and massed together, forming huge coal beds.