Posted by Wesley James on Jan 06, 2019

I hope everyone has a blessed new year. I had a great Christmas. My new year was miserable, since I was sick because a friend brought her kids to her dad’s house and then invited my wife and sons there the day after Christmas. The friend’s kids were sick and so my kids then got sick too. We are all better now though.

Anyways, I wanted to give some hope to other Christians. Anyone who reads The Christian and the Lion, knows that in the dialogue, historical evidence is given that supports the Bible. Also, some of skeptics’ toughest questions, are answered in the Theater of Pompey Magnus. Driven by the characters and their dialogue and an addictive storyline, the purpose of this series is understood to be so much more than entertainment in a genre that is often stale of excitement and adventure.

In the book of Daniel (5:1-30) the last King of Babylon, Belshazzar is referenced. It is when he gets out all the old cups for his lords and friends and they all drink from the cups of the temple that was in Jerusalem. Then he sees the hand writing on the wall, which no one can interpret, and Daniel is summoned to read to him. That very night Belshazzar is killed, and Babylon is sacked by the Medes and Persians.

Historians said that this was an error in the Bible because Belshazzar was not the last king of Babylon until a clay tablet was discovered in Ur, in south eastern Iraq known as the Nabonidus Chronicle. Nabonidus, the king of Babylon had gone to Tema, a town in ancient Saudi Arabia. While in Tema, he had given his eldest son Belshazzar, the authority to rule Babylon.

It is like this again and again and again with skeptics saying that the Bible is in error because we are missing some information that is in the Bible. They always blame the Bible as being erroneous until the evidence is dug up in some archeological find and the truth comes out.

I recently re-published, The Christian and the Lion: Nero’s Circus Maximus to include a few extra chapters and some answered prayers, some ‘witnessing’ that an old patient of mine asked me to do about a year and a half ago. Each of the consecutive three books in the series, following Nero’s Circus Maximus, will have a continuation of that same witness until an actual miracle I experienced in Guatemala in the Petén, in 2015 is in the end of the last book.

I’m getting closer and closer to getting these done, the last book is broken into two to make books three and four. It is an arduous task, but there are some tasks in Guatemala and Honduras that I am hoping to fund for missionary purposes. It is several tasks poured into a blender with missions, educating and preparing younger Christians to defend their faith, and entertaining some…hopefully atheists who will then open their eyes and be saved, all concocted into a series of books.

I also changed my name on the updated version of Nero’s Circus Maximus because I always like the name Wesley A James. I should have used it for the original print, which can’t be taken down from amazon. I’ll be making some changes and updates to the mission’s page and adding some photos and hopefully some videos too. The thing I’m dreading is a few people asked me to do audio books, personally. Booooo! That means I’ll have to read them myself. Something I’m not looking forward to, but I’ll do them, it if means I can help more people in the Petén, Guatemala and several missions in Honduras.

Set a special time apart from all the distraction of your day and read a Bible and pray. The instructions and keys to eternity are there. That is how we can be the greatest assets to humanity. Don’t just donate some food. Donate a Bible and food. Don’t just feed people temporarily, feed them eternally as well. The greatest love, is laying down one’s life for another, the second greatest love, is making sure someone gets into Heaven.  

May God Bless.