Posted by Wesley James on Nov 14, 2018


It has been a long time since I have been active on my site. I will make some updates with missions in Central America where I served and was able to distribute Bibles. I am republishing Nero's Circus Maximus. It should be ready in December 2018. I have also completed the second book in the series. Victorian Rising will be published in 2019. The third book has become too large for me to leave it as one novel, so unfortunately it must be split in two. The amount of time it takes for the research and then crafting the storyline, inserting a lot of ancient evidence and apologetics makes it difficult to get it all done timely. Of late, my conscience has been pressing on me to get it done. So, I am going to try to get book three Darkness and Tribulation out in 2019 and then the last one, which I’m not sure of the title, out in 2020. I will also make an arduous stride of taking on the audio books myself. I have had several people ask me about making audio books, but they have told me that they want me to read it.

I will be republishing with my pen name, taking my real name off of the book for personal reasons, but I have added chapters, increased character development and storyline.  

This past Monday, after dropping off some medical equipment for Hospital Shalom, in Guatemala, I felt the gravity increase one hundred-fold. That discernment Paul wrote about to the Corinthians in the second chapter, verse fourteen. Any prayers will be appreciated.

Something that is always inspiring for me is reading Children’s Impact Network to see how missionaries in other countries start orphanages for the children who have been left behind. Reading their testimonies and seeing the impact people can make heeding the call to serve is always nourishing for the soul. I must heed my own calling to make others’ callings possible.